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Thread: Pointing Your Domain Name To A Name Server

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    Default Pointing Your Domain Name To A Name Server

    First go to and login with your e-mail address and password. Once logged in you will have access to your current packages with

    Once you have logged in go to MY SITES -> MY DOMAINS -> YOUR-DOMAIN-NAME.COM -> CHANGE DNS. You will then be able to point your domain name to any nameservers you want.

    To actually route your domain name to a hosting server, you will need nameservers to host a zone for your domain. Contact your web hosting provider to find out what nameservers you should use here.
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    Default There's no 'Change DNS' link

    In your sticky post, you guide me to here:

    However, looking all over that page, I see no sign of 'Change DNS'

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    Without knowing the domain in question I can't check into the specifics of the situation. However a common place that there is a problem is that when you go to -> 'My Sites' -> 'My Domains' the domain name isn't a link that can be followed. This is usually due to a balance on the account, which disables the links to the individual domains.

    If this isn't relevant to this case it would be helpful to know the domain in question so I can take a look. If you don't want to specify the domain in the forums it would be best to submit a ticket so we can take a look.

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    Default I Submitted a Ticket

    Thank you Andrew -

    I went ahead and submitted a support ticket.

    I'm concerned about the "WHOIS" query I run on the two domain names at issue here. They are reported as available for purchase, though it's been more than twelve hours since I registered them.

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    Default Pointing domain to a new server following your directions


    I followed the directions posted here and was unable to locate a "my sites" button, or anything like it in the "mywebpayment" interface.

    I have only these options:

    Spry Support

    Welcome to the support section of Here can can view your support history and create new support requests. Please choose from one of the below options.

    Create Support Ticket

    Reverse DNS Request

    Trouble Ticket History

    Cancel Package(s)

    Log Out XXX@xxx.ggg

    I registered this domain name 5 days ago.

    I took a picture of the screen, so that maybe someone could help me locate it in the interface but this BBS will not let me add a link. Wasted 20 more mins.

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    jesse -

    I am sorry about any confusion - we have recently updated our billing interface.

    There should be a link to the new Spry Billing System Guide from the bottom of Manage Billing page - the Change Domain Nameserver Settings portion of the guide should be the most applicable to the task at hand.

    Please feel free to PM me if you encounter any further difficulty with the billing system.

    Update: My apologies, it's still early out here - it looks as though you are at the Support Center, rather than the Billing Center. Please log in at the billing center to get started.
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