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Thread: New account new VPS can't login to VPS

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    Unhappy New account new VPS can't login to VPS

    I'm remaining calm about this before I get all bent out of shape and cancel my created-today account.
    New account. New VPS.
    I try to SSH to my VPS and get permission denied errors.
    I know the user/password is correct because I copy pasta from a note made when i set up my account.
    What's the dealio?
    I submitted a support ticket, but having to wait for a response in 24-48 hours is rediculous (and why isn't phone support available 24/7 should be for us night owls!) - I just want to get in there and start making things happen!

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    Are you trying to log in as the user account you created, or root? What distro did you install? Most distros these days disable remote root login by default, so you should be trying to login as the user account that you created.


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