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    Default BIND Initial Setup


    I have an issue that is confusing me a little with BIND (is there anything that isn't confusing with BIND?)

    Currently I have a number of registered domains - but only one active. If someone with some bind experience could cast their eye over this for me please I'd appreciate it to see if I'm on the right track.

    In the initial setup I have the following:-

    1) Created a Master Zone of

    2) In Addresses I have setup two - namely

    (although I have 2 IP addresses do I need to duplicate these or leave as is?)

    3) In Name Server Records I have:

    4) In Name Alias Records I have:

    (Question - do I need to add ns1 and ns2 entries to this?)

    5) In Mail Server Records I have:

    (Question - do I need to make any changes to Postfix with this name change? When the system was new the /etc/hostname was set to - SHOULD I now change this to

    Sorry for all the questions - I've run off some HowTo's on the web, but most are written for different platforms than Debian.

    Thanks in Advance,


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