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Thread: New to VPS, need some help

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    Default New to VPS, need some help


    I'm new to VPS. I figured out how to use FileZilla to upload using SSH and I've successfully logged in, but now I need help where to go from here. I see my root directory. I was hoping perhaps someone could answer the following questions, and or offer any other helps. Thanks...

    1. Should I upload my website folders into the primary directory, or should I create a folder for my website and then upload all the folders into that folder?

    2. I have multiple websites and need to move them all into the VPS account. Should I create a folder for each in the root directory? So if I'm thinking correctly it would look something like this in the server...

    >Website One Folder
    >>Website One Sub Folders

    >Website Two Folder
    >>Website Two Sub Folders

    >Website Three Folder
    >>Website Three Sub Folders

    Is this the correct folder structure?

    3. How do I redirect the pointer from my old hosting server to the new VPS server?

    4. Is everything else pretty much the same as with a standard website and FTP or are there things I should know?

    I'm completely new to SPRY and VPS, although I've been working with FTP and simple websites for many years. I'd appreciate any help or tips.

    Thanks much,
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