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Thread: New to VPS, need some help

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    Default New to VPS, need some help


    I'm new to VPS. I figured out how to use FileZilla to upload using SSH and I've successfully logged in, but now I need help where to go from here. I see my root directory. I was hoping perhaps someone could answer the following questions, and or offer any other helps. Thanks...

    1. Should I upload my website folders into the primary directory, or should I create a folder for my website and then upload all the folders into that folder?

    2. I have multiple websites and need to move them all into the VPS account. Should I create a folder for each in the root directory? So if I'm thinking correctly it would look something like this in the server...

    >Website One Folder
    >>Website One Sub Folders

    >Website Two Folder
    >>Website Two Sub Folders

    >Website Three Folder
    >>Website Three Sub Folders

    Is this the correct folder structure?

    3. How do I redirect the pointer from my old hosting server to the new VPS server?

    4. Is everything else pretty much the same as with a standard website and FTP or are there things I should know?

    I'm completely new to SPRY and VPS, although I've been working with FTP and simple websites for many years. I'd appreciate any help or tips.

    Thanks much,
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    Hello David. If you set up a VPS, we'll need to know which distribution and plan you chose when setting up your VPS in order to help you. Bear in mind that we can only support so much, it is assumed that you already know how to operate Linux when you set up a VPS.

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    Default New to VPS

    Thank you for the reply.

    I sure don't know anything about Linux. Before I signed up I spoke with ***** * in the Netfirms' support chat area and he said that no special skills were required. hmmmm

    I didn't know what VPS system to choose, so I informed Netfirms' support that I am using Windows XP on an IBM system and they recommended Centios OS6, so I chose the Centios 6OSi386.

    I was kindly offered assistance by SPRY for a fee, to set up my VPS account. I'm still awaiting a quote. I did manage to create directory folders in my root directory. Netfirms' chat support confirmed that my folder structure was correct. But I don't know how to change pointers from the old server to the new VPS location, so they're going to help me, for which I am grateful. I figure once it's all setup that I'll be homefree.

    The SPRY tech also recommended that I purchase the SPRY cPanel for $10 a month, which I agreed to since I don't understand the VPS system. If the cPanel will simplify things I figured it's worth the extra fee.

    I still welcome any advice with my questions, as I don't want to rely on tech support to do everything, because I need to learn these things. I'm under time constraints because my website has been suspended because of bandwidth usage. SPRY techs have several jobs ahead of mine, so I don't know how long it's going to be. One day at a time.

    Thank you much


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