Like others who may use SpamAssassin as their Spam tool for their clients within Plesk, the version that comes with 8.0.1 isn't the greatest.. However, through speaking to people at the Plesk forums, the upgrade process to v 3.1.7 of SpamAssassin (which apparently is much more robust) is pretty easy.

First, I want to say that if you do this on your VPS, BACKUP first. Things seem to be working ok for me right now, but who knows. I'm going to keep the current backup for a few weeks until I'm 100% that things are working well. Anyway, onto the process.

  1. Find out if you have yum installed on your server from a command prompt. If not, contact Spry support and have them install it for you (or if you know how to do it yourself, do that). Spry support did it for me within hours. Really great
  2. Run the following two commands from your root directory from an ssh/telnet session:

    "wget" <-- Make sure to put the http:/ / in there, as the forums wouldn't let me.
    "sh ./"

    Say yes to everything. (Mind, don't use the quotes)
  3. Next, run this command: "yum update spamassassin". Again, no quotes, and say yes to everything.
  4. Run "sa-update". You should run the sa-update on a weekly basis or less, to update the SA Rules.
  5. Go into your PSA and start the SpamAssassin service.

    That's it. Seems to be working on my side. To verify that it did update, go to component info in the PSA, and see what it's showing. Also, each time you run an sa-update, you will need to restart the service. I'm sure this can be accomplished in a CRON automated task, but I figure I'll just run it manually. Forces me to look around the server and verify everything is running smoothly.

    Finally, I want to state that this is not coming from anyone on the Spry staff - this is from another user. If the Spry staff decide to Sticky this, so be it. This was also run under Plesk 8.0.1. I don't know how it will run on other versions of Plesk.

    Hope others find this as useful as I did. Good luck!