Many of our customers want to add extra IP addresses to their server, but become confused on how to assign domains to the new IP addresses they receive after contacting support with their initial request.

While our support department will add the IP addresses to your server and configure the network interface with the new IP addresses, Plesk may require some additional configuration prior to being able to assign those new IP addresses to your account.

If you have gotten new IP addresses on your server, but they are not visible in the control panel, you will need to force Plesk to update the IP Pool by re-reading the server's network configuration.

The name of the icon which imports the new IPs is "Reread IP". It is
reached by clicking on the "IP Network" icon under the "Server" link in
the Module window on the left. After you have re-read the IP's, they will be available under the domain adminsitration sections of Plesk.